Boarding Prices and Services for Your Pets
Please note our rates include their own indoor/outdoor run or space in our office area.  All dogs receive a play yard pass and we will give oral or topical medications at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

*Compare at higher base rates and $1.00+ per medication and $7.00+ for a 15 minute play session.

Charges: Our rates are based on a 24 hour period. 10 AM to 10 AM =1 day.  10 PM to 10 PM= 1 day.  

For example:  If you drop off in the AM and pick up the following day in the PM your stay is considered (2) days (over 24 hours).

Minimum two night stay on weekends, minimum 3 night stay on holidays


Single Dog1 Pen $32.00
Two Dogs1 Pen$55.00
Two Dogs 2 Pens$60.00
Three Dogs1 Pen$80.00
Three Dogs2 Pen$85.00
Three Dogs3 Pen$90.00
Four Dogs1 Pen$100.00
Four Dogs2 Pen$110.00
Four Dogs3 Pen$115.00
Four Dogs4 Pen$120.00
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1 Cat$15.00
2 Cats$25.00
1 Cat with Dog (cat will be in a separate space)$10.00
Pocket Pet$10.00
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Oral Medications or TopicalsIncluded!
Insulin (owner provide medicine and needles)$5.00
Nail Trim$15.00
Special Pickup$25.00
Dry dog food (Iams proactive health, chicken formula)$3.00/day
Wound Dressing$Quote
Other needs or concerns?Call Us


This is a simple bath for your dog. If you would like a groomer, we highly recommend About Cats & Dogs in Saline behind Tim Hortons.

Small Dog Short Coat (under 25lbs)$20.00
Large Dog Short Coat (over 25lbs)$25.00
Double Coated Breed (Shepherds, etc.)$Quote
Not available for dogs with matted coats
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